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HAP (Health Alliance Plan) needed to develop a digital strategy to not only meet the Affordable Healthcare Act deadline of Oct 1, 2013, but also to provide a platform for future customer engagement. We formed a strong Partnership with the HAP team, led by Matt Majewski, the Digital Marketing Manger, and worked not only with their IT team but also with many teams inside the organization. We know that at the end of the day, the customers must call the shots and so does HAP. Their passionate and devoted customer service team dove in with us to create a simple and customer driven experience. This constitutes HAP’s brand, making it unique in the healthcare space, being helpful and conversational rather than overly complex and intimidating.

HAP insights, Grit experience and consumer healthcare trends led to the solution. was designed to grow and scale with content, transactions, apps and more. The responsive build allows HAP to service customers and potential customers across mobile, tablet and desktops, at their convenience. sizzlepig was used to optimize every image for every screen, again to be sure that every customer experience is flawless. We are proud to say that this Affordable Health Care Act mandate,, launched on time, remained stable and never crashed, and succeeded in enrolling new customers into the HAP program on day one. The end result to all of the hard work by Grit and HAP clients is a friendly, useful and beautiful website that will continue to grow.

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